What it takes to be part of Africa’s Got Style

fashion with a global voice

February 2, 2021 | | Info |

We expect so much from participants of Africa’s Global Brands (AGS) and our expectation is not an impossibility. Africans are creative and deep and part of the purpose of AGS is to reveal to the world Africans capabilities.

Having said that, below are what it takes to be accepted into AGS as a contestant. These are the value proposition we represent and embodies. If your entries fail in these listed attributes, your application will be declined. So please read and understand it thoroughly before applying for Africa’s Got Style.

Hybrid Global Afrocentrism 

We want participants to make cross-breed fashion that intersects between local and global styles. To do this participant is encouraged to take a deep dive into their African root and combine all or some aspects of styles, fabrics, textiles to create fashion designs that can compete globally. An example is camikiya

Afro-Urban representation 

Entries that will be accepted into the show are attires that make reference to Africanism while being urban. Design whilst paying attention to African textiles, styles and other integrated elements can either be yuppie, minimalist, punk, whimsical or romanticistic. To achieve this, African fabrics or styles can be fused with urban styles to express a cultural connection. The goal is to create attires that are functional, modern and at the same time traditional. Example Emmy Kasbit

 Cultural inspiration

The show seeks for creative designers who will draw from the multiculturalism in Africa to make pieces that are functional and integrative. We are on the lookout for cultural expression with a global voice.

Innovative reinterpretation

We look out for designs that mirror cultural innovation. Not just a redesigning or reimagination, even thou that is part of what we celebrate. The best designs have to have an innovative streak.

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