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February 1, 2021 | | Info |

Somewhere in Africa, there is still a young person who can’t stand to wear Made In Africa attire because it is not functional or yuppie. There is someone trapped in the ideology that African wears are for traditional ceremonies. There is also that person who doesn’t feel confident wearing African wears because of a childhood experience or perception that they are old fashioned.

While somewhere in the West there is an African style and fabric that is being exploited, appropriated and reimagined into a global brand with little or no inclusivity by the indigenous people.

Africa’s Got Style is a fashion design contest created to invite African designers into the conversation where they can draw from a wide variety of African textiles and styles to create functional and contemporary wears that showcase African rich heritage in a new light.

The idea is a pragmatic and conceptual approach to transcend the boundaries of African Fashion and to challenge the conventions of our traditional fabrics as a pigeon hole pieces that only serve a cultural role or conceals a sacrosanctity to be revered. 

The show is a contest which will inspire Africa fashion creatives to make causal, formal and role-play wear using African-root fabrics and textiles that can compete and appeal to a global audience. Cloths that speaks purpose, need, wearability and globalization.   

Photo credit: Ikire Jones

Africa Got Style Fashion Show is a key ingredient in the toolbox to address youth unemployment in Africa, the region with the youngest population in the world with vast interest, skills and passion with FASHION being on the top of that list. Just like a lot of things in Africa, we’ve been consumers rather than manufactures, importers rather than exporters and the fashion (traditional Africa clothing and fabrics) is one area that was raped by westernization.

Africa Got Style Fashion Show seeks to use fashion to celebrate African strength and spirit and to create a global representation for Africa fabrics and designs in contemporary modern-day society.


  • To birth a crop of African designers who are driven with a mission to modernize African fabrics. Men and women who are bent on squeezing the juice across Africa fashion value chain. 
  • To challenge African Millennial to see African traditional clothing in a contemporary perspective and to give them the platform to nurture and express that creativity.


  • Like most things in Africa, fashion is underutilized and greatly exploited. African fabrics and textiles are one of the African resources which must be utilized to accentuates the value and economy of her people. We have imported the western style and textiles enough, it is time to export ours and that will happen when we become active players across the fashion value chain.  
  • Africa Got Style goal is designed to start an innovative cusp in African Fashion that speaks globally. A modern African Fashion Industry driven on the wheels of wearability, usability, need and purpose.   
  • The goal is to shift African styles from a cultural and tribal representation to a yuppie, minimalism, punk, whimsical and romanticism while still celebrating our rich diversity. 
  • To create a connection and global representation of African indigenous styles in contemporary space.
  • Inspire, support the African community to redesign, promote and industrialize African styles.
  • Use the show as a platform to promote and inspire African indigenous fashion brands.
  • To create a platform that empowers African Fashion designers to innovate from tradition.
  • Provide the space needed to elevate African cultural elements to Haute fashion.
Photo credit: madebylewini

The Spark

It is pivotal for Africans to regain their power. Fashion was one of the constructs used to colonize the heart and mind of the nation. However, we will not stop at taking back our back but exporting our power. Using our power to shape our national individuality and identity.   

In modern times styles from Africa has had a burst but only to fade off as quickly as it began. A lot of factors can be considered as the cause but the two that tops it is that African Styles is yet to gain global acceptability and the players are a speck with little urine that can’t create a foam. Every year the show will create a spark that will start-sustain and scale African styles. 

The show will be THE SPARK that will stir African designers and the world to look at the diverse styles in African cultures and use it to create the next innovation in Fashion the world will embrace and consume hungrily.
The next trend in fashion will be birthed in the show and served for the world to come and feast.

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